Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coins for CAMBODIA

The Canadian Coins for Cambodia project is the vision of my friend and school principal (former teacher/librarian!) Anne Mackie and Chhourn and Srey Poev Im, three people who had a goal to see Cambodian children have a brighter future by providing education and improving living conditions.
They are in their fifth year of operation and have a number of goals for the village and school including improving access to education and living conditions for children in outlying villages.

Achievements of the past five years include sponsoring several of the poorest families enabling the children to attend school rather than work in the rice fields.


$10 pays for school supplies for 1 child for 1 year
$30 a month sponsors a student from an outlying village
$50 pays 1 teacher salary for 1 month
$200 pays for a new well
$500 buys a cow to assist with the rice crops

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