Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Global Bookmark Exchange: Bring the world into your classroom

If you are a teacher interested in connecting students to the world through books, this activity is for you! Connect social studies, language arts and art by making bookmarks and participating in my global bookmark exchange. It is simple: have students make handmade bookmarks. These can be decorated with glitter or stickers, by drawing etc. Bookmarks can be laminated or made on construction paper. Each bookmark should have one sentence about the student's favorite book, in English and in any other language he/she may speak. Email me and tell me how many bookmarks you will have, where you live and which grade/age level your students are. I will then match you and send you a contact elsewhere in the world. You will mail your bookmarks and receive bookmarks back for your students. You can also send letters, flags, and other things to your penpals. And of course you and your students can check out the books the other children are reading! During the past few years some 20,000 children in close to 40 countries have participated in the Global Bookmark Exchange!