Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Author Walks Across Kenya

My friend and colleague, author Eric Walters, has an amazing amount of energy. He invites you and your school to join him and a film maker as they, together with 4 orphans, walk across the Rift Valley of Kenya. 
They will blogging as they walk and those doing the blogging will include Eric, his daughter Julia, Connor, and the four orphans who are accompanying them on the journey – Keli, Baraka, Mutuku and Mulwa.

Eric invites your schools and students to join them as they start in the Internal Displacement Camp and walk 200 km through the Rift Valley, into Nairobi, and then continue up into the mountains of Kikima where their Children’s Residence – the Rolling Hills Residence – is located.  Along the way they will stop at other orphanages (including one where children go when their mothers are imprisoned), walk through lion country, travel through the largest slum in all of Africa, visit the elephant orphanage and giraffe feeding station (where they will be met by 60 orphans who are coming down to Nairobi for the day – none of these children have ever seen an elephant or a lion), and in the end celebrate with a birthday party for 140 orphans, a food distribution day for 400 orphans, a ceremony at the school when they receive their yearly school supplies, and the official opening of the new Rolling Hills Residence.

Eric says "Please come and join us as we walk home and find out about the situation on the ground for orphans in Kenya."

website: www.ericwalters.net
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