Saturday, June 25, 2011

Books for children in SIKKIM (India)

Perched on the slopes of the Himalaya in an ancient Buddhist kingdom, the Sikkim Himalayan Academy provides education, encourages personal development and creates a home for some of the poorest children in the region.

These children come from very poor families and are used to having very little. Their behaviour in class is good and they are motivated to learn and are hard working. They are very happy and friendly and usually polite and uncomplaining.

They wear school uniform and change after school although they have few clothes and flip flops are normally their only shoes even in the very cold weather.

They own very little, no toys or books, no TV, radio or music but singing and playing drums and other homemade instruments are popular. They use whatever they find in the surrounding environment to play with and make up games. They also help with chores like collecting firewood and wild fruit, vegetables and nuts.

The school was started by a Dutch woman and some local teachers. The nonprofit organization will be grateful for any monetary donations, which will be used to buy clothing, school supplies, food, etc. A list of other items needed, and information on how to make money transfers, is available on their website.

Sikkim Himalayan Academy
Bhuriakop Busty
P.O. Bhuriakop
West Sikkim 737121